3 Famous Bollywood Characters Who Gave Us Being a tease Tips That Really Work To Awe Ladies

On the off chance that you think you truly suck at being a tease, that is a grave problem in that spot. Ladies, as much as they deny it, love a man who can be a tease his way around, dubiously, and contact her heart, without being madly industrious. Don’t trust me? Take a gander at the motion pictures at that point! Bollywood has done a greater amount of a lot of diversion and has constantly given us exercises forever, at all times. Some of them we can dispose of and some we should keep, just in the event that they prove to be useful sometime in the not so distant future.

More than anything, Bollywood has given men some staunch exercises in being a tease their way through, with the young lady they truly need to charm, to non-contemptuously (might I include) contact her heart and make her succumb to her legend, more frequently than any other time in recent memory. Presently, you may discuss this kinda stuff just occurs in the films, yet motion pictures are only an impression of society, right?


What I am endeavoring to get at is, on the off chance that you think your being a tease aptitudes suck for sure and you require exercises to settle them to get the young lady you had always wanted, at that point watch these 5 motion pictures and take in something significant from Bollywood (for a change!).



In the event that you truly require a tip or two in being a tease observe a portion of Ranbir’s motion pictures. No, I don’t figure all, yet some of them can give you some sound being a tease tips. For example, in ‘Tamasha’, he plays a heedless tease, who changes his identity medium-term, to charm the woman love (Deepika) of his life, while on a vacation in Corsica. He’s really a timid, exhausting corporate slave yet while on a vacation, he’s the kinda fellow you wanna spend time with, just to have a great time.


Advice: I am not saying change your identity or the manner in which you see yourself. In any case, possibly turn into more courageous and unconstrained and significantly increasingly fun around the young lady you need? Split far from anything commonplace and tease your way through fun things throughout everyday life and she’ll fall right away infatuated with you. In the event that you are putting on a show to stand out enough to be noticed, ensure you don’t make her extremely upset later.


Dil Dhadhakne Do

The quintessential Bollywood be a tease, Ranveer Singh, is always known for his tease diversion and every one of the motion pictures he’s in are a living declaration of that! The ideal occasion would be ‘Women versus Ricky Behl’ where he plays a beguiling tease to charm them women and con them off their cash later. In any case, we’re not discussing that film since you truly don’t have any desire to be a con-star, do you? This article is about real being a tease tips, to get the lady you want! In this way, we’re taking Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Dil Dhadakne Do.

Advice: The trap is simply to have the correct pizazz. Truly, you read that right. What’s more, obviously, huge amounts of certainty. Keep in mind that scene in the film, where he watches her perform in front of an audience and goes into her greenroom to approach her out for supper? All things considered, being that forward can satisfy well as well, as long as she doesn’t worry about you encroaching upon her own space. On the off chance that you do it as charmingly and unhesitatingly as Ranveer, nobody’s going to mind it by any stretch of the imagination!

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