How to tell if she wants to sleep with you? PART 2

How to tell if she wants to sleep with you? PART 2
1) She Hits You Like THIS

Perhaps she didn’t take you up on your idea to go to the game…

In any case, if she’s energetically hitting you during discussions, the reason likely isn’t that she would not like to go.

Fun loving hitting is an all inclusive sign that a lady is into you.

Why? It’s non-undermining and a simple path for her to contact you and feel near you.

A tap on the shoulder or fun loving side trip over the chest are likely signs that she can’t get enough of investing energy with you, so give asking her a shot once more (and perhaps to a mixed drink bar rather than a games game).


2) She Says These 2 Little Words To You…

Remember this whenever she messages you.

Ladies like to utilize an innocuous “I’m exhausted” or “My arrangements got dropped :(” content to demonstrate you they’re free.


Since they need you to realize they’re free and need to invest energy with you–without putting themselves excessively “out there” or making themselves defenseless.

It’s quite basic and direct, however most folks don’t get on to the way that ladies are really being a tease when they state this.

Most ladies fear dismissal, so these unobtrusive messages and expressions are simple approaches to get a handle on you, without appearing to be excessively excited.

3) She Sends You This Particular Sort Of Photograph

This one can be extremely dubious, so focus.

On the off chance that a lady is into you, she’ll likely content you charming pictures of herself every once in a while. Be that as it may, it won’t for the most part be this direct.

Rather, she’ll send an adorable image of her and her canine and content “Roscoe says hey!” Or, she’ll send you an image of her out with companions and express “Young ladies night out.”

Superficially, these photographs will probably appear as though an average shot she could transfer to Instagram, when in actuality, she’s attempting to send you pictures to perceive how you react.

She needs you to remark on her appearance, however wouldn’t like to be completely suggestive about it.


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